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pap3r_heart's Journal

9 September 1986
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70 degree weather, a little princess, africa, alice sebold, anna friel, arrested development, audrey hepburn, australia, bewitched, black and white photography, blonde hair, books, breakfast at tiffany's, bridget jones's diary, broken social scene, bruises, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, candy cigarettes, cary grant, cedar point, chapstick, chicago, coconut rum, colin firth, converse, dana scully, death cab for cutie, dennis quaid, donna reed, driving at night, edward scissorhands, egypt, elephants, england, exploring, f. scott fitzgerald, family guy, flip flops, frank sinatra, garden state, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, giraffes, gorillaz, grace kelly, graffiti, grease, gwen stefani, harriet the spy, harry potter, hello kitty, hipbones, horseradish, ice cream, italy, jack johnson, jerry seinfeld, john krasinski, jon hamm, kelly ripa, koala bears, lake michigan, lollapalooza, lomography, lost in translation, mad men, marcia cross, marshmallow peeps, mary-kate and ashley olsen, mascara, matilda, mean girls, modest mouse, nancy drew, new zealand, nilla wafers, north by northwest, pale skin, piercings, piggy banks, pink hair, postcards, pushing daisies, reading, red hair, red lipstick, rollercoasters, roman holiday, salt and vinegar chips, sand dunes, sarcasm, saved by the bell, scotland, seinfeld, shoes, spain, steve carell, sunglasses, sunlight, swimming, swiss cheese, tattoos, tegan and sara, the 50's, the 60's, the beach, the brady bunch, the color green, the donna reed show, the great gatsby, the killers, the office (us/uk), the parent trap, the postal service, the x-files, thinking, tulips, tv shows on dvd, useless facts, vodka, what not to wear, yeah yeah yeahs, yearbooks, zooey deschanel